Week 4 Action Steps

Session #4 Action Steps

Bravo! You're doing great! By now, you're probably starting to see some changes and are feeling pretty good about yourself. :) 

In this past session, we talked about how pleasure drives habit loops and how physical progress can be made with a simple "mental rehearsal". 

I hope you enjoyed the meditation, because it's this week's task!


Exercise 1: Do your own Mental Rehearsal for Success every day.

Exercise 2: Listen to the Mental Rehearsal attached for motivation to go for a run or jog:  Mental Rehearsal for Jogging and Running.m4a

Exercise 3: How to Sleep Guide --> PDF or Word Doc

Exercise 4: Complete the Action Guide for Session #4. --> PDF or Word Doc

I have added a guide for healthy sleeping because I feel this is very important when it comes to regular exercise.

Keep drinking water every 2 hours and I strongly urge to keep opting for plant-based recipes such as those that I have on my website

To a productive week ahead!

With Compassion,